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Our endeavor is to foster College Education and Home Ownership for the poor, the distressed and the underprivileged through raising funds to pay down mortgage and student loan debt

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Mortgage Listing Application

Please provide the names shown on the loan(s). Do not include minors that are not listed as responsible parties on the loan(s).

Name: * Age: Sex: F M
Name: * Age: Sex: F M
City: State: Zip:
Country: Phone: Email: *
Are you a US Citizen: Yes No   If No, provide country of citizenship:
Mortgage Company: Mortgage Amount: $
If you have a Second and/or Third mortgage, please include those companies and amounts:
2nd Mortgage Company: 2nd Mortgage Amount: $
3rd Mortgage Company: 3rd Mortgage Amount: $
Year home purchased: Home value: $
Do you currently reside in the home? Yes No  
Please provide description of current situation. Mortgage information, family, misc.
Building America's Foundation ( including any subsidiary websites, affiliates, partner(s)) are unable to guarantee a specific amount of donated funds and therefore cannot be held liable as per the "Terms of Use".
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Building America's Foundation retains the right to request further information (ex. copy of Loan Statement, W-2's, Tax information) in order to make sure the applicant qualifies per our Mission statement in benefiting the poor, the distressed and the underprivileged.
W-2's, copy of loan documents, tax filings
By submitting the application,
I/We understand that the information provided is accurate and correct.
I/We further understand that Building America's Foundation will need to share information with 3rd parties in order to confirm client loan account information.

Building America's Foundation will attempt to include client in any contact with a 3rd party whenever possible, but will be held harmless if unable to do so. Any information provided in order to defraud, deceive and attempt to gain via unethical means will result in immediate cancellation, forfeiture of donated funds and may result further legal recourse.