Building America's Foundation

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America's Foundation

Our endeavor is to foster College Education and Home Ownership for the poor, the distressed and the underprivileged through raising funds to pay down mortgage and student loan debt

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Building America's Foundation, non-profit organization, has closed as of December 31st 2015. We appreciate those who have expressed support of our mission. Unfortunately, our organization was never able to generate the necessary financial support through donations nor political support from congressional representatives to gain tax-exemption status. Thank you and take care.


1,000 supporters * $3 = $3000

10,000 supporters * $3 = $30,000

100,000 supporters * $3 = $300,000

The math seemed simple enough. The one key missing ingredient though was donations. Simply we needed people to donate in order to raise money large enough to pay off the first student loan(s) or mortgage(s). In 3 years, we had 3 people donate a total of $45. Yes, millions of people go to college and million of families own homes that are underwater which should have resulted in millions of believers and hundreds of millions in donations. Ultimately, people did not believe enough to take action to donate. I guess the time was just not right. The time has come to move forward.