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Our endeavor is to foster College Education and Home Ownership for the poor, the distressed and the underprivileged through raising funds to pay down mortgage and student loan debt

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are my donations tax deductible?
A: Currently, all donations are not tax deductible. We have already submitted our 501c application in September 2012 in order to become a tax exempt organization. In February 2014, we were informed that the current laws enacted by congress do not allow BAF to qualify for tax-exemption status. Congress does not allow any college student that has graduated and students that has dropped out due to circumstances to receive any assistance. We have attempted to contact 15 congressional representatives and submitted 10 requests to the White House (attn the President) in order to receive tax-exempt status via Executive Order or change the law and contacted the Department of Education concerning how our non-profit organization can help provide relief to no avail.

Q: Can we specify who receives our donation?
A: No, the IRS requires all donations made to be non-specific as to who receives them unless a separate account is created for each individual. IRS rules already allow people the ability to gift toward family and friends.

Q: How does a family receive our donation?
A: The donations that will be disbursed to Listed Individuals and Families will go directly to the financial institution(s) to pay down or pay off the respective mortgage or student loan(s).

Q: Why is my state not available for donation and mortgage/student loan listing?
A: Each state has rules and regulation for which a charity needs to meet in order to have their registration accepted and approved. Unfortunately, our organization does not meet every requirement for every state. We do look forward to offering our services to all 50 US states. There is one exception concerning the District of Columbia whose charity registration requirements are excessive and therefore will not be included.

Q: Will a waiting list be available for each state?
A: Yes, we will have a waiting list of 10 (Mortgage-Student Loan) listings for each state. Our shown listings are limited on purpose. The goal is to concentrate on providing real "tangible" relief before a new set of recipients becomes available.

Q: What are the various ways we can donate?
A: We can receive donations via Amazon, Popmoney and by cashier's check, personal check, money order made payable to "Building America's Foundation" and mail to: 1191 Salish Ave SE, North Bend, WA  98045. Popmoney email address is